Location:Oslo, Norway
Venue:Rockefeller, John Dee
Date:March 23-26th 2016
Age Limit:18 years
Capacity:1500 a day
Doors Open:17:00 (19:00 to 21:00 on Wed depending on club)
Official Hotel:Royal Christiania
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Scarred to Inferno 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, November 25, 2015, 11:09 AM

ScarredLuxembourg's finest metal band; SCARRED, is ready for INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2016! The band is known for their groovy, but yet technical style of death metal. Some people even call them Luxembourg's answer to Gojira. Scarred is truly a great live band and this will be proven when the band enters the stage at Inferno Metal Festival 2016! 

Scarred was formed in Luxembourg under the moniker Requiem back in the year 2000. Three years later they changed their name to Scarred and evolved their unique sound that is a blend of groove, thrash and death metal. Their style is similar to French outfit Gojira, but Scarred are more brutal and diverse. The band has released two full-lengths albums and done a lot of touring around the world. Their guitarist Diogo Bastos also have a strong connection to Norway as he is the live guitarist for the famous black metal band Satyricon. Scarred has earned a well deserved reputation for their great live shows. So check 'em out at Inferno Metal Festival 2016! 

Sodom Joins our 2016 Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, November 18, 2015, 10:24 AM

sodom logoLegendary thrash metal band SODOM is confirmed for INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2016! Sodom is a pioneer in German thrash metal and one of the early bands to be considered as the first wave of black metal when they started out back in 1981. It is an honor to have such an important and influential band return to Inferno Metal Festival. Sodom is the true spirit of thrash metal! 

Sodom was formed back in 1981 and is of the “The Big Teutonic Four” of Teutonic thrash metal. They are also considered to be one of the important bands from the first wave of black metal and for being a huge influence on later black metal bands. Sodom has released fourteen studio albums, three live albums, two compilation albums and six Eps – including classics like “In the Sign of Evil”, “Obsessed by Cruelty”, “Agent Orange” and “M-16”. So be ready to bang your head off when the legendary thrash metal trio returns to Inferno Metal Festival after nine long years!

Blood Red Throne to Inferno 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, November 11, 2015, 10:30 AM

Blood Red ThroneWhen it comes to Norwegian death metal – the band that really has stood out and delivered the goods for almost two decades is BLOOD RED THRONE! The band has released 8 albums, sold more than 100000 albums and played all over the world. Their new album “Of Flesh and Machine” is just around the corner and it will destroy all things that are sacred! See BLOOD RED THRONE live at INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2016!

Blood Red Throne was formed in 1998 and has since then released seven full-length albums and one EP. Their eight full-length album is called “Of Flesh and Machine” and will be released by Candlelight Records before Inferno Metal Festival 2016. Their style of death metal is brutal, old school and feels like a fist in the face! The band has played all over the world, including big festivals like Wacken Open Air, Hellfest and of course; Inferno Metal Festival. Now they return and they are hungry for more blood then ever! See them live at Inferno Metal Festival 2016!

Dark Essence Club Night at Blå During Inferno 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, November 4, 2015, 11:13 AM

In good tradition we welcome you to our DARK ESSENCE LABEL NIGHT at BLÅ. Dark Essence is a Norwegian record label featuring some of the best metal bands in today's scene. Again they have put together a line-up of some of the most exiting bands on their label for their club night during Inferno Metal Festival 2016. We are proud to have Dark Essence joining us again and bringing the following bands: MISTUR, THE 3RD ATTEMPT, LUCIFER'S CHILD and ORKAN!

Also announced for our club night on Wednesday 23th of March is Exodus, Gorguts and Psycroptic. Tickets for sale here: http://www.billettservice.no/event/inferno-metal-festival-klubbdag-billetter/474805 

MisturMistur hails from the west of Norway and belong to the famous wave of black metal bands carrying the Sogndal sound known simply as Sognametal. This sub-genre was made famous by Windir, but also includes such bands as Vreid, Cor Scorpii, Sigtyr, Feigd, and yes; Mistur. Their debut album from 2009, “Attende”, is a symphonic, melodic black metal masterpiece. This is some of the greatest melodic black metal ever created. No wonder as Mistur features members and ex-members from such bands as Windir, Vreid, Kampfar, Sigtyr and Emancer. Their long awaited second album is a work in progress and will be out in time for Inferno Metal Festival 2016!

3rdAttemptNorwegian black metal is still strong as hell and even if The 3rd Attempt is a new band; their sound is old school. Their debut album, “Born in Thorns”, was just released to great acclaim and it is no wonder as this is one of the best black metal releases of this year. But no one would really expect anything else as The 3rd Attempt is the new brainchild from riff master Tchort from bands such as Carpathian Forest, Green Carnation, Blood Red Throne, Emperor and Satyricon. They also features members from other bands like Apostasy,  Midnattsevrede and Den Saakaldte, just to mention a few. The 3rd Attempt is everything true Norwegian black metal is about and they sure will put up a hell of show when the play at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time.

LucifersChildDark Essence has struck gold when they signed Greece's most exciting band at the moment. Lucifer's Child was formed in 2013 by George Emmanuel of Rotting Christ and Stathis Ridis of Nightfall. Their debut album, “The Wiccan”, was just released and it is such an atmospheric and epic black metal experience that stands out from most of the music released today. Lucifer's Child brings forward the Greek black metal sound to new levels and “The Wiccan” is a modern occult masterpiece. This band is not to be missed at Inferno Metal Festival 2016!


OrkanOrkan, a black metal band based in Bergen, features members and ex-members of bands like Enchanting Darkness, Byfrost and Taake. Their debut album “Crimson Canvas” is, as described by the band, “a self-financed, thrashy album”, but Orkan has now left this sound behind and taken their musical vision in a much darker direction. They've taken the classic Norwegian black metal sound and incorporated it with influences from many other genres to create atmospheric melodies with haunting vocals and intense blastbeats. Their new album, “Livlaus”, was just released and is something worth checking out. So is Orkan when they play live at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time.

Abyssion Added to Our 2016 Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, October 28, 2015, 11:58 AM

AbyssionFinnish psychedelic black metallers ABYSSION are confirmed for INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2016! The band has recently released their second album called “Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki” and are ready for Norway for the very first time. Abyssion features Jose Rossi and Antti Varis of Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu fame. The latter played at Inferno Metal Festival in 2014 with great success. There is no doubt that we bring forward another success when Abyssion hits the stage at Inferno Metal Festival 2016! 

Abyssion is a duo consisting of Jose Rossi and Antti Varis from the bands Dark Buddha Rising and Oranssi Pazuzu. This is their psychedelic black metal project and it sounds like an amazing mix between Burzum’s mesmerizing repetitiveness, the psychedelic madness of Oranssi Pazuzu and the psyched out doom rock from Spectral Haze. Their second album, “Luonnon harmonia ja vihreä liekki”, hit the stores this summer and it sounds like nothing else. This is something unique that you have to experience when Abyssion hits the stage at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time!

Nile at Inferno 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 11:02 AM

Nile LogoAmerican legendary death metallers NILE are ready for INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2016! The and was formed in 1993 and has since then been known as one of the most brutal and technical death metal in modern times. The band has just released another masterpiece called What Should Not Be Unearthed” and are ready for Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time!

Nile is an American technical death metal band from Greenville, South Carolina, United States, formed in 1993. The band has been the rising force of death metal in the new millennium with their brutal and technical style. Nile has also been known for their lyrics about Egyptian mythology on their many classic albums and for their withering live performances. They have just released their new album “What Should Not Be Unearthed” to great acclaim. We are proud to bring these giants of death metal to Inferno Metal Festival for the first time. This is not to be missed!

Order Added to Our 2016 Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 12:02 PM

This is something many have been waiting for: ORDER is confirmed for INFERNO METAL Order LogoFESTIVAL 2016! This is the new band put together by some of the prominent members from the first wave of the Norwegian black/death metal scene in Norway. We are talking about the early members of MAYHEM and CADAVER that have joined forces to bring you the second coming of pure fucking Armageddon! Four men – one order: restore it! 

Order was formed back in 2013 by Manheim and Messiah from the old line-up from Mayhem alogn with Anders Odden and René Jansen from the old school death metal band Cadaver. The band performed one gig in Poland in 2014, before the band was put on hold when René Jansen sadly passed away later that year. 

Onwards to 2015; the band are back with a Stu Manx, from Norwegian hard rock band Glucifer, to handle the bass guitar. This also means that the band are finally ready to unleash their wicked sound at Inferno Metal Festival 2016! Four men – one order: restore it!


Mork to Inferno 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, October 7, 2015, 11:40 AM

Mork LogoNorwegian black metal act MORK is confirmed for INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2016! The band hails from Halden in Norway and started up back in 2004 as a one-man-band, playing music in the same vein as the early Norwegian black metal bands. After several releases the band is now ready with a complete line-up and a new album that are soon ready to be released. See them live at Inferno Metal Festival 2014! 

Mork started as a one-man-band in Halden i 2004. The music is similar to the earlier black metal-bands from Norway, like Darkthrone and Burzum. The sound is cold, dark and has that Norse feeling from this weatherbeaten country of ours. Mork has finally summoned a complete line-up and before Inferno Metal Festival 2016 the band will release a brand new album. One of the first chances to see this band live will be at Inferno Metal Festival 2016!

Gorguts and Psycroptic Completes Our Vulkan Arena Lineup Wednesday March 23rd
By lfh on Wednesday, September 30, 2015, 10:58 AM

We are proud to announce GORGUTS and PSYCROPTIC for INFERNO METAL FESTIVAL 2016 - as they will be joining Exodus at our club day stage at Vulkan Arena. Canadian death metal band Gorguts was formed back in 1989 and has released several great albums that are both brutal and technical. Psycroptic hails from Australia and has released six albums of brilliant technical death metal. Both bands will play in Norway for the very first time and it is not to be missed!

These two bands will complete our Vulkan Arena lineup Wednesday March 23rd. Club day tickets are now available for purchase for this day.

Gorguts logoGorguts is one of Canada's leading death metal band – starting all the way back in 1989. Their brutal, yet technical, style of death metal soon got world recognition and the band released many great albums between 1991 and 2001. Some years later the band called it the day. Finally in 2013 the band returned with a new masterpiece called “Colored Sands” – and now, for the very first time, the band are ready for Norway and the mighty Inferno Metal Festival!

PsycropticFrom Tasmania in Australia, the death metal band Psycroptic, has been releasing a huge number of critically acclaimed albums since 1999. The band has been performing in all corners of the world, supporting legendary death metal acts like Obituary, Cannibal Corpse and Carcass. So it is about time to bring this great band to Norway and Inferno Metal Festival. This just might blow you away! 

Vader to Play at Inferno 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, September 16, 2015, 11:20 AM

Vader LogoPolish death metal is regarded to be one of the best within the scene, and one of the flagships are without a doubt VADER! The band was formed all the way back in 1983, when the first death metal bands saw the light of day. However it was not until 1992 when the band released the highly acclaimed debut album “The Ultimate Incantation” their death metal became world known! Since then the band has released 11 albums – and with the strong “Tibi et Igni” release last year – it is time to welcome VADER back to Inferno Metal Festival! 

Vader is one of the first and best known death metal bands from Poland. The band was formed in 1983 as a heavy metal band, but changed their style into the more extreme over the years and is today known as one of the eagles of death metal. The band has released 11 albums and many are regarded as classics within the death metal scene. The band played at Inferno Metal Festival back in 2003 with great success. We are proud to have them back with us and looking forward to a great show from this legendary death metal band.

Applying to Play at Inferno 2016
By lfh on Thursday, September 3, 2015, 1:30 PM

It is now possible to apply to play at Inferno 2016 by using our demo upload page. By filling out the information and uploading songs here you'll compete for opening spots at John Dee and after party spots at Revolver during the festival. If you do not want to upload music make sure you enter proper URLs to where we can find your music.

You also have the possibility to enter the open competition for a spot to play at John Dee by checking the competiton participance checkbox at the bottom of the form. Some of the bands applying will be picked to participate in this competition and people will be able to vote for the band they like best through our mobile app. The one with the most votes will go on to play at the festival.

By filling out the form and checking the competition checkbox you are competing both for the regular spots and competition participance.

The deadline for applying is December 20th.

Further information can be found on the demo upload page.

Nifelheim Joins Our Lineup
By lfh on Wednesday, August 26, 2015, 11:06 AM

Nifelheim logoSweden's most dedicated black metal band Nifelheim are ready to spread darkness upon Inferno Metal Festival in 2016! The well-known black metal band are famous for showing the true spirit of metal and they will never compromise their music! Nifelheim are the envoys of Lucifer and they will raise hell when they play Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time!

Nifelheim was formed in 1990 by Swedish twin brothers Hellbutcher and Tyrant. Since then the band as released four full-lengths albums and a bunch of EPs and splits. Nifelheim also do some energetic live shows that makes you feel like being possessed by the devil himself. The band is famous for showing the true spirit of metal and has never compromised or wimped out on either their music or image. Nifelheim does not follow any trends and never will! This is Nifelheim doing Inferno Metal Festival for the first time and they will be sure to make their appearance something to remember. The devil's force will be upon us!

Craft to Inferno 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, August 12, 2015, 7:30 AM

Craft_LogoThe next band to enter the line-up for Inferno Metal Festival 2016 is the Swedish misanthropic black metal outfit Craft! The history of Craft go way back to 1994 – but they did not play live until 2014 – and this will be the black metal masters very first time at Inferno Metal Festival!

Swedish black metal band Craft was born under the moniker Nocta back in 1994. In 1998 the band changed their name to Craft, but the band did not enter the stage before 2014. During these years the band has released four albums filled with hatred and destructive black metal music. The band consists of members and ex-members of such bands as Watain, Shining, Omnizide and Urgehal. This will be Craft's first live show at Inferno Metal Festival and it is not to be missed! Scroll down for interview with the band. https://www.facebook.com/craftblackmetal


Written by Roy K.K. Bakland 

Craft has played in Norway previously and will now return again in 2016, at the infamous Inferno Festival. What can we expect from the band? It's been a while since "Void" came out, so perhaps they have a new track or two for us? 

- We've been experimenting with the show since we started. We haven't done many shows yet, so we are still changing things in between every show, but it's going to be aggressive, that’s for certain. It is definitely our intention to play some new material, either songs from the records that we haven't played live before, or something from the upcoming album. 

Craft has now four strong releases in the discography. When you choose the tracks you'll do live, how do you experience the mix between the groovier track, like songs from "Fuck The Universe" compared to the track from for instance "Total Soul Rape"? 

- We've played our own favourites exclusively. Personally, I prefer the groovier stuff when it comes to playing live because it’s easier to get into the feeling on stage. That said, we still want to do about a fiftyfifty mix to keep things interesting. 

Do you see any difference in the audience when performing the different type of songs? 

- I haven't learned to read the audience yet, I am either too much into the playing or too heavily into feeling the aggression and darkness of the music and the situation, to have time to focus on the audience. The others maybe have a better read on them.

I do sincerely hope you'll play the title track of "Fuck The Universe", because that's one hell of a track...

- Yes, we will play "Fuck the Universe".

First Bands for Inferno Metal Festival 2016
By lfh on Wednesday, July 29, 2015, 10:54 AM

We are proud to present the first 5 bands for Inferno Metal Festival 2016, that will take place in Oslo, Norway, in the Easter from 23rd to 26th of March 2016! This will be the 16th time the iconic festival will be held and has visitors and supporters from all over the world.

The first band is the legendary Norwegian black metal band MAYHEM! We also have old school thrash metallers EXODUS for their first visit at Inferno Metal Festival headlining our club night. The mighty blasphemous Swedish black metal war machine MARDUK will make everyone feel unsafe when they enter the stage at Rockefeller. The man with the mighty voice ICS VORTEX will make his first appearance at Inferno Metal Festival with his solo project. As always we welcome some new up and coming bands, and this time it is Polish industrial black metal beast THAW! See you all at Inferno Metal Festival 2016!



There is no doubt that MAYHEM is one of the most legendary and controversial bands coming from Norway. They are one of the most influential extreme metal bands and the reason why Norwegian black metal has conquered the world. Even with their notorious past – the band still stand strong after more than 30 years of mayhem. After all; the music speaks for itself. With classic songs from "Pure Fucking Armageddon","Deathcrush" and "De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas" to newer material from "Grand Declaration of War" to "Esoteric Warfare", the band has a huge back catalog that can make your skin shiver. And so it will when The True Mayhem return to Inferno Metal Festival in 2016!


If you are a thrash metal fan – then Exodus need no introduction. Exodus is one of the earliest band from the Bay Area thrash metal scene, starting up already in 1979. One of the co-founders was the well-known guitarist Kirk Hammett that joined Metallica after a couple of demo tapes. Riff-master Gary Holt is the bands only long time member that has been playing on every record that Exodus has released. Today he also play in the mighty Slayer. At Exodus' prime in the early 80s, the band was known as “Kings of the Bay Area”. Today they are back in good old shape as vocalist Steve "Zetro" Souza has returned in their line up. The man was the singer on such classic records as “Pleasures of the Flesh” and “Fabulous Disaster”. Last year the band released “Blood In Blood Out” and there is no doubt that the thrash metal legends are ready to destroy at Inferno Metal Festival!


The most blasphemous band in the world! Marduk has lived up to their reputation and still today, 25 years after the band was formed, they sounds like a war machine crushing every religious figure that crosses their path. The band has huge back catalog consisting of great albums, and they are just continuing to release some of the most brutal and heretic black metal albums there is today. The band has just released their album “Frontschwein” and it is an instant classic. Their gig at Inferno Metal Festival 2016 will be a fist in the face of god and is not to be missed!

ICS Vortex

ICS Vortex is a name most extreme metal fans should be aware of. He is the front man for such bands as Borknagar, Arcturus and Lamented Souls and he used to play bass in Dimmu Borgir. The man behind this voice call himself ICS Vortex and this band is his own playground. His solo project released one album back in 2011 called “Storm Seeker” and they have just performed live a couple of times before. Finally you can see this band live at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time!


Thaw is an experimental black metal band hailing from Poland. The band has been around since 2010 and already released several splits, demos and albums. The latest one is the atmospheric masterpiece “Earth Ground” from 2014. Thaw has a good reputation for their loud and energetic live shows and they will for sure be something to see when the play at Inferno Metal Festival for the very first time!

Regular Festival Passes Released
By lfh on Monday, July 27, 2015, 2:32 PM

The early bird packages for our 2016 edition are now sold out. Our regular festival passes are now available for sale. The pass prices for 2016 are 1800 NOK for a 4 day pass and 1500 NOK for a 3 day pass including fees (and shipping on foreign orders).

To purchase passes click on the appropriate ticket links in our ticket box on the right hand side of this page.

Early Bird Packages with T-Shirt Available for 2016
By lfh on Thursday, May 14, 2015, 4:45 PM

We're happy to offer you early bird packages for 2016. These packages include access to the festival all 4 days as well as a festival t-shirt or girlie at a cost of 1500 NOK. These packages are available for purchase only at our festival website using PayPal.

The ticket will be shipped to your home address and the festival t-shirt/girlie will be received upon arrival at the festival.

This offer will be available for a limited time. 

Thank You
By lfh on Wednesday, April 8, 2015, 3:52 PM

Inferno Metal Festival 2015 is now over and we hope all the people that attended the festival had a blast. We know we at Inferno had a great time and the 15th edition of our festival was nothing but a great success. Your response has been overwhelming.

We would like to thank our volunteers and crew, partners, sponsors, press, photographers, all the artists and Rockefeller as well as everybody else that made this festival so special. Last but not least; we would like to thank all the metal fans that took part of Inferno Metal Festival 2015. Without you this would not be possible.

We hope to see you all again in 2016.