Location:Lausanne, Switzerland
Venues:Les Docks
Date:March 14-16th 2013
Capacity:1000 a day
Age Limit:16 years
Doors Open:6:00pm Friday, 4:00pm Saturday
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Hotel Agora Swiss Night **** is our official festival hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of Lausanne.
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Breakfast and public transport pass included. In supplement local tax at CHF 2.80 per person per night.

Remember to give the password "INFERNO" to the hotel to get these prizes.

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Exhibition: «Metal Influences: what albums made the metal culture?»

Les DOCKS, Thu March 14 to Mon April 15, 2013

Each year, the musical production in the metal culture remains rich and knows no boundaries. Each month in the world, new death, black, thrash metal and many more other metallic style albums come out: but what are the ones that made us come there?

For its 2013 edition, the Inferno Festival has invited musicians to talk about one album that especially marked them. They accepted to generously deliver a part of their musical intimity to the public. What famous norwegian musician will talk about Coroner? What album marked Ross Dolan of Immolation, Teloch of Nidingr and Mayhem or Ana of Haemorrhage?

Follow their testimonies with a dozen others at the DOCKS Gallery from March 14 to April 15, 2013.

The artists who have generously agreed to deliver their written testimonies are:

Ana (Haemorrhage) Apollyon (Aura Noir, Immortal) Flo Mounier (Cryptopsy, Nader Sadek) Hans Fyrste (Ragnarok, Svarttjern) Martin Schirenc (Zombie Inc., Pungent Stench) Martin van Drunen (Asphyx, Hail of Bullets, Grand Supreme Blood Court) Nicolas Ranko Muller (Svart Crown) Ross Dolan (Immolation) Seth Van de Loo (Severe Torture, Centurian, Nox) Teloch (Nidingr, Mayhem) Tobias Splendour Sidegard (Necrophobic) Vorph (Samael)

Come and discover what they say about their favorite album! Thanks to all of them to make this exhibition happen!

Contact : Sandra Henny