Location:Lausanne, Switzerland
Venues:Les Docks
Date:March 14-16th 2013
Capacity:1000 a day
Age Limit:16 years
Doors Open:6:00pm Friday, 4:00pm Saturday
Les Docks Tickets

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Ticket Service Friday Saturday Pass 2 days
Petzitickets 50.-CHF 50.-CHF 90.-CHF
Starticket 50.-CHF 50.-CHF 90.-CHF
Fnac 50.-CHF 50.-CHF 90.-CHF
Gjallarhorn Project tickets
Petzitickets 40.-CHF
Starticket 40.-CHF
Fnac 40.-CHF
Season Of Mist Opening Night tickets
Petzitickets 15.-CHF
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Hotel Agora Swiss Night **** is our official festival hotel. The hotel is located in the heart of Lausanne.
Room Type Price
Single bed 100.- CHF
Twin/double room single use 110.- CHF
Twin/double room at double use 120.- CHF
Triple room 160.- CHF
Booking contact: agora@fassbindhotels.com
Phone: +41 21 55 55 955
Breakfast and public transport pass included. In supplement local tax at CHF 2.80 per person per night.

Remember to give the password "INFERNO" to the hotel to get these prizes.

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Contact Information
General information:info@infernofestival.ch
Ticket information:tickets@infernofestival.ch

Décomposition by Cie Echo ! Centrique(contemporary dance) [Démart - March 10th - 16:45-17:30]

decompositionOn the theme of solitude and degeneration "Decomposition" is a piece involving poetry, dance and live music. How mixing contemporary dance and ambient music. A piece to be discovered in the perspective to penetrate into the intimacy of the artists. As if we get in somewhere accidentally because we saw some light, because the place intrigued us or because the smell attracts us in a bewitched world.

A dancer + a musician = big emotion.

At Démart Galery.

Shining at EJMA (Jazz school) [EJMA - March 10th - 16:00]

shiningShining is getting everyday a wider success outside Norway, their homecountry. This international recognition is maybe due to the originality of their musical approach: playing an intense and technical music that mixes metal, rock, punk and jazz influences ! Some of the members play also in the band Jagga Jazzist, which may explain this artistic direction. At EJMA they will perform a pure jazz set and speak about their original music. It will also present the collaboration with the Swiss saxophonist Guillaume Perret.